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Our team is made out of veterinarians, researchers and technicians - all specialised in the equestrian sector. Several companies or actors of the sector rely on their skills to develop their products and have them approved, but also to carry out studies or expert missions.

EUNetHorse project

Expertise and collaboration

Mont-le-Soie partners are many and varied: studs, companies, stud books, sports federations... Mont-le-Soie meets all applicable standards to carry out studies in horses and collaborate with companies willing to see their products approved.

Our team's areas of expertise mainly revolve around the equine locomotor system on the one hand and on equine reproduction on the other hand.

Some examples of partnerships : horse feed and feed complements (Hippoforme/ Kara-Suppléments), horse boots (Compositi), orthopedic horseshoes, studies in equine regenerative medicine (Revatis), qualitative analysis products for equine semen (4BioDx - SPQI Breeding) ...

Open office

The Centre welcomes companies of the sector in an open office space. Many companies are already on site : BiopTis, EqStuds and the Equestrian Cluster of companies EquisFair.

Infrastructure and services

Companies based on our site benefit from an access to offices, an internet connection, telecoms, a multi-function printer...

They can also welcome visitors or host bigger events in the meeting room.

Working in a shared spaced in Mont-le-Soie also means joining an ecosystem revolving around the equestrian sector.

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